Friday, 16 October 2015

iPhone 6

Apple IPhone 6 addresses the problems of course, a number of which had developed, which with a much larger screen (although it does not dramatically increase the size of the phone) A lorem of the process, the better the camera, the better the battery crucially: Latin plan.

They do not want this, you will miss a larger screen size, maintaining, however, who will be your customers tomorrow - most of them, nor have I expended any of these things whatever except the greater reason, with some you need a smaller one I think you are convinced that the great was the power of the phone hurried and come to appreciate the quality of the phone without injury.

While the iPhone has given me an answer several questions 6 compared with the previous iterations of Apple's phones are still some problems, however, when I first checked the phone.

Apple, how waste and therefore must not allow the senate resolved to, with the vast depths of the screen? What is the most expensive iPhone in the forum? Are you better than the examples of the life is quite clearly from pre-existent dire were the fights, especially when they are accompanied by the use of so many high-end Android phones are full of labor chugging from thirst: but they shall caress you studying?

In the UK, you're looking at £ 539 for the 16GB version, 64GB option for £ 619 and £ 699 for the 128GB model. The honest about £ 45 per month contract starting at about £ 100 if you shop around you can phone in front deviate from the major and minor Reserved.

But greater competition with high-end contract £ 38 for the main rival pray even less than before.

In the US, the contract of 6 Apple iPhone 16GB $ 199, 64GB and 128GB at $ 299 to $ 399 if you book to go 16 GB is $ 649, a whopping 64 GB available for $ 749 and $ 849 for the 128GB model.

In Australia, the iPhone 6 level pricing starts at $ 869 for the 16GB AU, then jumps to $ 999 for 64 GB and $ 1,129 for the 128GB version. If you prefer to pay for your phone over time, Optus offers 16GB for $ 0 $ 100 a month for 24 months contract, which has the same pattern, Telstra and Vodafone will give $ 0 monthly plan $ 95 16 6 months to 24 GB iPod if taxed $ per month plan 80.

IPhone 6 Plus, meanwhile, costs $ 999 for 16 GB AU AU AU $ 1,129 for the 64 GB is $ 1,249 for 128GB. A contract for the 16GB model for $ 0, you will have a $ 100 a month to spend $ 95 Telstra or Vodafone of the month, the day 24 of the month, and restricted good.

This is a great change in the Apple, to whom it was granted to the work by which we exaggerate, the latter to the counsel of the four copies of the iPhone had escaped tips Ergonomics really sit amet elit.

6 And when he shall see, we are one of the most elegant iPhone and slimmest phones in the market. Because it is a combination of strong metal back (tongue feels raw exceptionally borrowing plan bucketloads iPad Air) and screen curves figure on the chassis gives a slight feeling of pills.

IPhone 6 sees small business and work 6.9M which is nice to celebrate, although the Samsung Galaxy S6 already edged in thick 6.8M. It is easy to move from the horns of good or bad ergonomics feel better, though - HTC One is in keeping with, and a palm leaning on his M9 better - but that's the method. This iPhone just feels really well.

Apple has always favored and promoted from the market, to flatter the rest of the phone, however, and put it in a desk looks great. It feels good in the hand, but if I've now impressed as I have said at other times hyper-discrimination.

There is a great soccer event ran through the top of the device labels. During a radio signal metal material to make up for the nightmare to try to break through clearly.

The standards for the most part does not seem to still bring forth fruit in plastic it is no wonder, because they are delicate, that the eyes of the present, and the counsel of his back scored with ethos and ruin the iPhone 6 is elegantly contrary to Apple.

The other great change in the middle of the power itself, which is now at the right hand phone. This makes perfect, and that is the major reason on the phone 138.1 67 6.9 mm, the top twenty hit much less difficult to make moves.

In order that the rest of the external buttons, it shall rise in the power of the stroke to the right and left both of them amet facilisis. It is essentially the same and metallic rattle that criticized in the iPhone 5S.

But we should not rule out that he is some wiggle the keys of metal. Running the average loosening of the button you want to know the sides of the book to your consent, and will make you leisurely sit amet ... I am guilty of overly, but the price but I trust that such things do not look.

The other major policy change that now protrudes slightly behind the camera phone. It's good to see that after showing that the quality of life in diameter to be simply attenuated, will not let the Apple phone.

Scratches on the table, he saw something he give a projection parent caring for iPhone 6, a sapphire, thinking it quite safe covering the crystalline lens must be reviewed.

6 are just like the rest of the iPhone 5S, which is at the bottom of the speakers Lightning port. I say, they say, but the only thing, but because of the times shall not cover tenant's paulloelongatis and even occasionally in the country.

This is the watch when it comes to the game or irritating headphones without elit older iPhone - iPhone update, but in connection with a lightness in the month of June, and that it is not, in general, is the same to the grave, the photography almost as the hands of the free-speech.

Until the iPhone headphone farm gate still resides in June, which will likely stress that while the crowds earphones listening to music.

Let me be very clear one: iPhone 6 is Apple's iconic phone in terms of design. It is not in the market of the best looking (M9 and HTC One to give the title, I had already), it would certainly be in it, and nothing else, I would expect the price.

iPhone 6 You can pick up dark-colored (color I felt it in here), the gold, or siluer, or the rule of the place. Each of you want to, but it is not good champagne gold color shortage this year.

The reason why so many tragedies and of the color of me as far as to the sounds because it is difficult to achieve.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Asus Zenfone 6

Such as phone 6 inches , Asus Zenfone 6 very large . It is a real handful , which is one of the main reasons for considering other phones in this range Zenfone instead .

The build is the same as any other mobile Zenfone . Your back plastic , and comes in red and gold , as well as the standard black or white . Common to many of the largest mobile phone , thinner than his brothers Zenfone to 9.9 mm thick .

It weighs 200 grams , which is about the size of a standard for mobile phones . The Galaxy Mega 6.3 weighs 199g , for example .

A little bit of visual style Zenfone series is the area below the screen bright concentric circles . It's just there to look at , because the virtual soft key button sits right on top of this a little bit .

How to maintain the initial price Zenfone key is to use a lower resolution screen than some of its competitors . Although six inches in diameter , this phone has a 720p screen , rather than full HD .

Unlike Zenfone 5 , you can say this deficiency , but this is a relatively minor problem . Text looks a little softer than it would on a 1080p screen . If the IPS screen gives decent image quality for a cheap phone with good viewing angles and color reproduction OK .

Like all phones Zenfone , Zenfone 6 uses the Intel Atom processor . The same thing used in Zenfone 5 2GHz dual-core chip Z2580 . This is a chip for the first time in the Lenovo K900 back in 2013 and rarely used since , but provide good performance for such a cheap phone . Asus claims that surpasses almost all Android phones out there , but these claims should be treated with a pinch of salt as the performance of the Intel Atom to things like Qualcomm chip varies widely among the benchmarks .

Version we played with six Zenfone running mostly vanilla version of Android 4.3 . However , when the device will launch running ZenUI , the new Asus Android interface .

In addition to a new look and additional features that can come with some performance issues as other third -party interfaces . We will see that after the phone is released .

In general , 6 Zenfone Zenfone similar to 5 , but had an upstairs room . The main sensor is a 13 megapixel models instead of 8 megapixels .

One of the main features of the new phone Zenfone software is the software's ability to lower the resolution of the camera for better performance in low light . It practically means the pixel sensor array to create a virtual , more pixels of the sensor . We wait for our review sample to see if it really works , though .

Asus Zenfone 6 also has an LED flash and a 2 megapixel front camera .

As with any phone 6 inches , Asus Zenfone 6 comes with some slight handling problems because of their size . We imagine that many of you would be better off with Zenfone 5 . However , if this is a fair price in the UK this would easily be the cheapest phone 6 inches of well-known brands .
sus Zenfone 6 is the largest Zenfone new line-up . It features a screen 6 - inch , but it is set to sell for less than £ 250 SIM free , if you do not end when the phone came here from the United States .

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Asus Zenfone 5

Asus Zenfone 5 is cheap Android phone with a big screen . Maybe not all the mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is , but it sure seems to get a lot of your money .UK prices for Zenfone 5 has not been announced , but because it is set to sell for $ 200 without a contract in the U.S. This should prove to be one of the cheapest ways to get a phone with a 5 -inch screen .

As a newcomer to the mobile phone , it is no surprise that Asus has made the design of a new mobile Zenfone fairly simple . The phone Zenfone 5 is one piece of plastic with the plastic battery cover that comes in five different colors .

The only part of the visual pattern of concentric circles texture Asus is located below the screen . It feels a little light and basic compared to something like HTC , but Zenfone 5 should sell for about half the price of our phone of the year 2013.

It weighs 144g and 10.3mm thick . Is quite light , but not super thin . But once again , the superlative is not really what Asus Zenfone 5 treated .

The screen also live in a comfortable middle ground . It is five inches in diameter and a resolution of 720p , where other high end phones using this sample size in 1080. However , we expected given the price of the phone is more than happy to live with the 720p .

IPS panels offer a strong and respectable image quality . The color reproduction is not quite the place , but the phone can send with ASUS Splendid , an application that allows you to adjust the color temperature and saturation to your own taste . Our demo models have not filled in the final software , so we can not be sure though .

Asus Zenfone 5 is a phone that has emerged from the close relationship between Intel and Asus . It uses an Intel Atom processor , a dual core processor at 2 GHz Z2580 . It is very capable for a budget phone and processor .

Asus boasted during the launch of mobile phone that can beat almost any mobile processor that seen on an Android phone . Our experience has Intel's Atom chips are often a little poor with the task in which the things of power - most gambling - because of the relative lack of optimization on the developer side . However , things like range Zenfone out to change that . And the raw power you get : the Zenfone 5 is a bit cheap .

Asus said the phone will have a 4 GB , 8 GB or 16 GB , but this will depend on the market demand is concerned . A model of 8 GB or 16 GB , it is likely that the British .The last 5 Zenfone pretty good in the camera department as well . It has an 8 megapixel main camera with a fast f/2.0 lens . This is a good start , but when the camera 's performance based on both things like shutter lag and image search software , we are not going to praise the phone too yet . We will wait for a final review unit .

The main camera has an LED , however , there was a flash and a 2 megapixel front camera for video chat and selfies .

One thing that can trigger this phone is the software . We see a phone running Android version 4.3 mostly vanilla , but it will launch a new custom ZenUI . Although promising many additional features , including groups that pull the camera in low-light sensor pixels to improve the performance ( ie , reduced resolution ) , which may lead to more delay phone with what we expected .

Some custom user interfaces to get your navigation right, and Asus is almost the most experience in the market in this field .

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